ARTIST WS: Tool Platforms for ES Modelling, Analysis and Validation

July 1-2, 2007       Berlin, Germany (satellite event of CAV 2007) organised and funded by ARTIST 

Aims and Scope

All the individual domains concerned with the problematic of embedded systems are very active, in terms of research results and specific technologies, generally aiming at enhanced design processes allowing for more flexibility in the design choices and earlier validation. Nevertheless, the integration of design and development methods with validation at all stages of the development and concerning both functional and non functional aspects has still to be achieved.

The motivation for the workshop is the discussion of the specific problems raised in the context of embedded systems and the presentation of solutions from the perspective of design and development and also how existing analysis techniques have already been used or integrated into the development process.

The main aim is to intensify the cross fertilisation between the formal methods and the embedded systems communities. The challenges for the embedded systems area is to go beyond the classical well-proven software and system development approaches and their existing validation and correctness-by construction methods to integrate also methods and techniques developed in the domain of software engineering. For the formal methods community, the challenge is to adapt and extend existing verification techniques to the context of embedded systems where in particular non functional properties are a major challenge.

Therefore, the topics of the workshop focus on the integration of tool supported analysis and validation techniques into a development process in the domain of embedded systems. It is expected that the submitted contribution handle about model-based approaches for the development of embedded systems with respect to the problematic of their validation or tools or case studies on the integration of existing validation methods into design flows used in practice.

Form of the Workshop

This workshop will consist mainly of invited high level presentations and discussion sessions, and not be a mini conference.

There will be sessions with short presentation selected from abstract submissions. We expect submissions from both the model-checking and the embedded systems design community.

Target Audience

Industry representatives and researchers wishing to interact about needs for leading-edge Embedded Systems Design tools integrating well established automatic Validation methods.
This is a clear opportunity to learn about or to present existing tools, and to discuss orientations for future evolution.

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