ARTEMIS European Technology Platform

Artemis Annual Conference
Berlin, June 4-5 2007

slides are available online

DAY 1) 4 June 2007

- Embedded Systems Challenges for Finmeccanica, Fulvio Marcoz
- Opening Speech: Manfred Dietrich, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, ICT
- Opening Speech: Rosalie Zobel, European Commission
- PANEL: The ARTEMIS JU, Jan van den Biesen
- The Embedded Systems Challenge, Joseph Sifakis

DAY 2) 4 June 2007 - MORNING

- ARTEMIS and STANDARDS, Josef Affenzeller
- New Trends in Avionics Software, Sylvie Robert
- Point-One: from good to great in nanoelectronics and embedded systems, Clement Goosens
- Reference Design and Architecture, Prof. Hermann kopetz
- The Artemis MPSOC Strategic Research Priority, Tiberiu Seceleanu

DAY 2) 4 June 2007 - AFTERNOON

- Introduction, Seamless Connectivity and Middleware, J-L Dormoy (643 Kb)
- Opportunities and challenges in distributed embedded control Part II, Dr. Emmanuel Witrant
- Opportunities and challenges in distributed embedded control, Prof. Anders Rantzer
- Software Infrastructure for Connected Intelligent Devices" (SICONID) - Towards Device-to-Device Interoperability

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