ARTEMIS - “Advanced Research & Technology for Embedded Intelligence and Systems” - is the Technology Platform for Embedded Systems.The term “Embedded Systems” describes electronic products, equipment or more complex systems, where the embedded computing devices are not visible from the outside and are generally inaccessible by the user. ARTEMIS is an Industry-led initiative to reinforce the position of the EU as a leading worldwide player in the design, integration and supply of Embedded Systems. It brings together leading industrial and academic groups with national and European bodies to establish and implement a coherent and integrated European research and development strategy for Embedded Systems.

The Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) outlines the evolution of the field, from a medium to long-term perspective, and identifies a number of important technological challenges that have to be met in order to allow Europe to implement the vision of the ‘Building ARTEMIS’ document as set by the High level Group on Embedded Systems.

It sets financial objectives for R&D in Embedded Systems with a cumulative annual increase of more than 18% in pre-competitive cooperative R&D from 2005 to 2010 supported by 700 M€ of public funding (national and European) in 2010.

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