November 30th, 2008       Barcelona, Spain (within RTSS) organised with Artist partners 


Description of the event

The CiberMouse@RTSS2008 is a design competition developed around a simulated rescue mission. Each participating team is composed of 5 independent, but desirably cooperating, robotic agents that can communicate with each other using an emulated ad-hoc wireless communication protocol with realistic parameters. The goal is to discover, as quickly as possible, a specific spot in a maze (target area) and bring the whole team there. The navigation problem is simplified so that the focus is on the communication and global team coordination.

Make your own team and participate in this challenge by programming the rescue agents so that they can be the first ones to discover the target area and join there! It is a great way to test your skills in developing ad-hoc communication strategies to support efficient cooperation.

Technically speaking, the task of the robotic team is finding a target area, signaled by an IR light emitting beacon, and bring the whole team mates there. The final score depends on the number of robots that get to the target area, on the time of the last robot that get into the area and on possible penalties due mainly to collisions with walls and other robots.

During the competition the robotic agents form a distributed environment, where simulator and robots may be executed in separate computers connected to an isolated IP LAN. Communication among the robotic agents is carried out exclusively via an emulated ad-hoc wireless communication protocol with realistic parameters (limited bandwidth, limited range and a random non-zero latency and error probability). The simulator and all robots form a distributed system but, for practical purposes, may also be executed in a single computer. Nevertheless, communication is only allowed via the provided API.

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