November 30th, 2008       Barcelona, Spain (within RTSS) organised with Artist partners 

Technical Data


Rules of CiberMouse@DCOSS2008


Download CiberMouse@DCOSS2008 tools source code and CiberMouse@DCOSS2008 compiled tools

Simulation Model

Ciber-Mouse Simulation Environment is built as a distributed system. The distributed system is composed by several independent processes: a simulator, the robotic agents and a graphical front-end. The simulator is responsible for creating and controlling the virtual world where competition takes place, it creates the labyrinth and the virtual bodies of robots. The robotic agents are developed by the competitors and are the “brains” of the robots, each agent controlling the body of a robot. The graphical front-end provides the visualisation and control tools. These processes communicate through UDP sockets which are used to send XML messages.

Competitors have to develop a program (the robotic agent) that receives sensor data and controls robot movement acting on the motors. Sensors and motors are subject to noise, so agents have to deal with it. Competitors can choose the programming language and the operating system they most like to develop their agents. The organization provides communication libraries for some popular programming languages (C/C++, Java, Visual Basic and Prolog).

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