The HiPEAC 2012-2020 vision
Professor Koen De Bosschere (Ghent University, Belgium)

In 2008-2009, the HiPEAC network of excellence has been working on its vision for the computing systems 2012-2020. This vision is the result of a huge analysis effort in the whole HiPEAC community in 2008, and a synthesis effort in 2009. This vision will be used to steer the future research efforts in the HiPEAC community.
The lecture starts from the grand European societal challenges (energy, transportation, environment, aging population, health, …) and emerging application trends like personalized services, cloud based computing, ubiquitous computing, intelligent sensing, etc. and how computing systems can help tacking some societal challenges, and how it can help enabling new applications and help shaping Europe’s future.
The second part sketches the constraints that will determine the future innovations in computing systems. It discusses the upcoming technological evolutions such as the primacy of power, the impact of the non recurring engineering costs, the reliability crisis, the parallel programming challenge, … and by 2020 the end of Moore’s law.
In the third part, and building on the previous parts, the HiPEAC vision for the next generation computing systems is presented. It explains how software developers will be able to simultaneously improve their productivity and the performance of their applications by using heterogeneous multi-core systems and the appropriate tools to design and program them.

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