Embedded Systems at THALES: the ARTEMIS challenges from an industrial perspective
Dr. Gilbert Edelin (Research Group Director - THALES)

The diversity and importance of Embedded Systems in Thales have motivated for a long time the Group to invest in the different research segments of this scientific domain. This encompass mainly topics like Computing architectures, Engineering , Seamless connectivity and Middleware which are the three pillars of the Artemis SRA. In this talk I will present some challenges we are facing in these areas, with some examples of in-house developments and research projects:
- in computing architectures, the advent of multi-manycore processing solutions and related disruptions in legacy SW, programming models, or even product lifecycles raise challenges like programming environments, optimised accelerators (data streaming applications) or certification and safe partitioning (safety critical applications);
- in engineering, beyond the development of model based engineering techniques which are now reaching a first industrial deployment stage within the group, research will address the domain specific engineering techniques: formalisms (eg models of computation), analysis for non functional properties, multiviewpoint, etc.;
- in seamless connectivity, the efficiency of layered approaches for the developement of SW for distributed systems with poor RT constraints must be carefully evaluated regarding non functional properties which generally require not to discard all properties of the underneath layers. We should maybe consider seamless connectivity beyond middleware.

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