The sheer complexity of future embedded devices seriously challenges current development practice; new, integrated and scalable methods are urgently needed. The use of model-driven and component-based approaches are seen as a way of obtaining dependable embedded implementations with high performance and with reduced time and cost. Embedded systems involve monitoring and control of complex physical objects or phenomena using a number of dedicated hardware and software components often within a networked solution. Therefore, the use of models, analysis techniques and supporting tools span the areas of control theory, computer science, hardware, networks and even mechatronic all well established research areas which however – by and large – have been developed independently. This has the unfortunate consequence that it often becomes impossible to state, not to mention validate, overall properties of an embedded system.

Overall objectives of the cluster are:
  1. Establish a coherent family of modelling formalisms spanning the areas of computer science, control, hardware and networks covering all aspects of embedded systems.
  2. Development and combination of efficient means for analysis of models including simulation, testing, static analysis, model-checking, run-time verification, monitoring, diagnosability, controller synthesis.
  3. Emphasis on support for compositional methodologies in terms of allowing new complex systems to be assembled from already constructed and validated components.
  4. Realization of coherent tool chain obtained by adjusting and combining the models and tools from the different research areas. This will provide the basis for a cost-efficiency development process allowing for early design-space exploration and verification as well as reduce the sizeable amount of final testing-time and –cost.
  5. Interaction with the thematic activities in the Transversal Integration workpackage on validating the formalisms and tools through real industrial development projects and case studies.

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