Intercluster activity: Design for Predictability and Performance

High-Level Objectives


Embedded systems in many application domains are required to satisfy strict requirements on timing, while respecting limited supply of resources in terms of memory, processing power, power consumption, etc. All systems also have increasing demands on (average) performance, which has motivated the introduction of efficiency-increasing features which drastically increase variability and decrease predictability and analyzability.



Since the introduction of new architectural features is inevitable, it is important to:
  • develop technology and design techniques for achieving predictability of systems built on modern platforms, and
  • investigate the trade-offs between performance and predictability.

This work will need to be carried out in a synergistic manner, involving all levels of abstraction in embedded systems design, spanning from high-level requirements to detailed implementation details on specific platforms, and is therefore the subject of a transversal activity involving all clusters of the NoE.

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