ArtistDesign Year2 Review

February 11-12, 2010      Brussels, Belgium

Important Dates

Technical Deliverables
. Nov 18th 2009 .
Deliverables should be available for formal assessment by the internal reviewers (ArtistDesign members not working on the cluster/activity, chosen by the cluster/activity leader)
Nov 30th 2009
Final version of all technical deliverables must be sent to the Technical Coordinator (very hard deadline)
Please send only the final version here.
Dec 18th 2009
Technical Coordinator makes the deliverables available to the reviewers, via the website
Jan 11th 2010 All financial and manpower reporting must be sent to Olivier Guérard.
Templates are available here.

- Thu Feb 11th
- Fri Feb 12th

- Review Preparation Day - Please reserve these dates
- Year 2 Review
Venue: Brussels

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