February 19-23, 2007       Trento, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 

Local Information

Travel and Venue

The lectures will be taught in the conference center Panorama, which is a beatiful resort located on the top of a hill, overlooking the city of Trento. The place can easily be reached from the town center by means of a cable car from the city town (5 minutes from the bottom of the hill).
The resort includes:
- a conference center (with three conference rooms)
- a hotel with 29 single rooms, 6 double rooms and a small apartment
- a restaurant
More information on the place can be found here.

Information about how to reach Trento is available here.

About the City of Trento

Trento is very nice city located in the Adige river Valley, in the heart of the great itineraries between the Lake Garda and the Dolomites, between Venice-Verona and Bolzano-Innsbruck. It’s dominated by the nearby Bondone (2.170 m.) and Paganella Mounts(2.125 m.).

Originally a Roman city, Trento became famous for the Council (1545 -1563) which gave rise to the counter - Reformation.
Trento’s rich artistic and historical heritage is to be found in its monuments, which embody the centuries of history written under the dual influences of northern and Italian cultures.

The city offers a good deal of cultural and entertainment opportunities. The most obvious choice in winter is to reach some of its famous skiing stations in the neighborhood (by 30 minutes of driving you reach very nice places). Moreover, you may wish to visit the Castello del Buonconsiglio (the castle which was home to the prince bishops of Trento for many centuries), the Duomo (cathedral) and its splendid square, the houses decorated with frescoes, the churches of the Council, the museums etc.

More Useful Links

To find out more about Trento, please visit the following websites:
- about its administration (official website of the Trento administrative county)
- about tourism (official website of the Trento Tourist Board)

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