February 19-23, 2007       Trento, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 

MOdelling, TestIng, and Verification for Embedded Systems

ARTIST2 Winter School 2007

The Winter School offers a number of foundational tutorials, accompanied by a selection of lectures on exciting emerging technologies and industrial applications - given by leading scientific and industrial experts.

This 5-day winter school is for young researchers working or wanting to work in modelling, validation, synthesis and performance analysis of embedded systems, as well as engineers from industry with a practical background in design, control and testing of embedded systems.

The Winter School is organised by the ARTIST2 Network of Excellence, with strong contributions from three of its research clusters: Real-Time Components, Testing & Verification and Compilers & Timing Analysis.

The school is open for participation by all, although some previous training and/or experience in the fundamentals of computer science and a knowledge of computer architectures is required.

You can download here the text of the announcement.

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