Adaptive Real-Time



Minimal Real-Time Operating System for Embedded Applications

MaRTE OS is a real-time kernel for embedded applications that follows
the Minimal Real-Time POSIX.13 subset.

MaRTE OS allows executing concurrent, real-time Ada, C and C++
applications on a bare PC. Also Java (RTSJ) applications can be executed on MaRTE OS when it is configured as a Pthreads library for Linux.

MaRTE OS is being developed in the University of Cantabria, Spain, by the group of Computers and Real-Time Systems. The University of Cantabria is a member of the Adaptive Real-Time Cluster in the ARTIST2 Network of excellence.

The development environment is based on the GNU compilers GNAT , GCC and GCJ. Most of its code is written in Ada with some C and assembler parts.

Main characteristics of MaRTE OS

  • Open source (GPL)
  • It follows the minimal Real-time System Profile (PSE51) defined in
    POSIX.13 standard.
  • Provides concurrency at the thread level
  • Is targeted at embedded real-time applications.
  • Is targeted at static applications (all resources preallocated and number configurable at compilation time).
  • All services with a time-bounded response.
  • Single and unprotected address space. Shared by kernel and application.
  • Multilanguage: supports Ada, C, C++ and Java applications. In mixed
    language applications, a coherent scheduling is performed amon threads written in different languages.
    Although originally intended for embedded systems, MaRTE OS has been
    also adapted to behave as a POSIX-threads library for the Linux operating system.

Main publications

- Mario Aldea Rivas and Michael González Harbour. "MaRTE OS: An Ada
Kernel for Real-Time Embedded Applications". International
Conference on Reliable Software Technologies, Ada-Europe-2001, Leuven, Belgium, LNCS, May 2001.

- Mario Aldea Rivas and Michael González Harbour. "POSIX-Compatible
Application-Defined Scheduling in MaRTE OS". Proceedings of 14th
Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems, Vienna, Austria, IEEE
Computer Society Press, pp. 67-75, June 2002

- M. Aldea Rivas and M. González Harbour. "Evaluation of New POSIX
Real-Time Operating Systems Services for Small Embedded Platforms".
Proceedings of the 15th Euromicro Conference on Real-Time Systems,
ECRTS, Porto, Portugal, July, 2003, ISBN:0-7695-1936-9, pp. 161-168.

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