Expected duration 2 days
Organiser(s): Albert Benveniste (plus other)
There is no public page available for this meeting.
This meeting is planed for year 2007. Responsible is Albert Benveniste (other organizers not finalized yet). Time and l,ocation of the meeting not finalized. The actual preparation of this meeting will start Jan 2007.

This meeting will belong to the same series as the former meeting "Beyond Autosar " held in Feb 2006, Innsbruck, and co-organized by Werner Damm and Albert Benveniste.

Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) is a platform based approach allowing for better reuse and reduce the costs of aircraft design and manufacturing. This meeting will investigate the consequences, for the research area of the Real-Time Components cluster, of the introduction of IMA.

Invited speakers will include engineers from aircraft manufacturers, engineers from technology providers, and academics.

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