Meeting date: November 16, 2006. in ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland. 2 days.
Organiser(s): Albert Benveniste (INRIA Rennes, France), Paul Caspi (CNRS/Verimag, France) and Lothar Thiele (ETHZ, Switzerland)

Public web page

The public page for this meeting is available here.

Agenda (A high-level view of the main points to be discussed)

The object of the workshop is to gather recognised specialists of the different disciplines in order to attempt to get a panorama of the models used by each discipline, their commonalities and differences, and the several attempts that have already been proposed in order to merge these concepts within some unified view.

Outputs and Conclusions

The outputs and conclusions from the meeting are available here.


Participants in the Meeting
- Benoît Caillaud, INRIA-IRISA Rennes, France
- Paul Caspi, Verimag-CNRS Grenoble, France
- Joachim Falk, U. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Deutschland
- Alberto Ferrari, Parades Roma, Italia
- Thierry Gautier, INRIA-IRISA Rennes, France
- Marc Geilen, TU Eindhoven, Nederland
- Sébastien Gérard, CEA-LIST Palaiseau, France
- Alain Girault, INRIA Rhône-Alpes Monbonnot, France
- Gregor Goessler, INRIA Rhône-Alpes Monbonnot, France
- Michael González-Harbour, U. Cantabria Santander,España
- Christian Haubelt, U. Erlangen-Nuremberg, Deutschland
- Tom Henzinger, EPFL Lausanne, Suisse
- Axel Jantsch, KTH Stockholm, Schweden
- Bengt Jonsson, U. Uppsala, Schweden
- Christoph Kirsch, U. Salzburg, Osterreich
- Edward Lee, UC Berkeley, USA
- Johan Lilius, Åbo Akademi U. Turku, Suomi
- Florence Maraninchi, Verimag-INPG Grenoble, France
- Michael Mendler, U. Bamberg, Deutschland
- Marius Minea, U. Timisoara, Romania
- Lionel Morel, INRIA-IRISA Rennes, France
- Joseph Sifakis, Verimag-CNRS Grenoble, France
- Alena Simalatsar, Universitá di Trento, Italia
- Nikolay Stoimenov, ETH Zürich, Schweitz
- Lothar Thiele, ETH Zürich, Schweitz
- Eugenio Villar, U. Cantabria Santander, España

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