FESA 2010

April 12th, 2010      KTH, Stockholm (Sweden) (within CPS Week) organised and funded by ARTIST 


The program from 9.15 - 17.45 is as follows:

9.15: Workshop introduction and theme overview, Martin Törngren (15 min)

9.30: On a Specific Model-based Architecture Description Language: the Standards-Based Approach.
Keynote talk by Bran Selic and Sebastien Gerard (45 min)

10:15 Leg stretch (15 min)

10:30 Brief presentations/overviews of selected ADL’s and visual languages (75 min)
- AADL, Prof. Mamoun Filali, CNRS (15 min)
- Autosar, Prof. Jakob Axelsson, Volvo car and MDH (15 min)
- Domain specific modeling languages, Juha-Pekka Tolvanen, MetaCase (15 min)
- EAST-ADL, Dr Henrik Lönn, Volvo technology (15 min)
- Hardware description languages, Sandro Penolazzi/Prof. Axel Jantsch, KTH (15 min)

11.45: Leg stretch (15 min)

12.00: Panel debate – Maturity, adoption and trends
Panelists include Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli, Bran Selic, Henrik Lönn, Peter Fritzson introducing the Modelica approach and Kurt-Lennart Lundbäck introducing the Rubus approach
Chaired by Prof. Martin Törngren

13.00: Concluding the first part of the workshop and introduction to the hands-on part.


Walk to hands-on lab session

14:15: Hands-on sessions start in the respective lab
- Introduction to hands-on session
- Tutorial and more advanced tasks

16:00: Coffe break - and the possibility to switch lab

17.30: Last lab session ends.

Hands-on Sessions

This session be carried out in a KTH lab where the participants will be able to carry out tutorials and modeling exercises with the following formalisms:
- AADL - the Architecture and Analysis Description Language
- EAST-ADL, architecture description language for automotive embedded systems, complementing AUTOSAR
- Transaction level hardware design using VHDL
- Domain specific ADL’s, using a meta-modeling environment
- Rubus Component and SW Architecture environment

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