ADSD 2006: Advanced Digital Systems Design

September 25-29, 2006       Lausanne, Switzerland sponsored by Artist 


MONDAY, September 25

Introduction to Embedded Systems Lothar Thiele, ETHZ
System Design Principles Lothar Thiele, ETHZ
Real-Time Scheduling Lothar Thiele, ETHZ

TUESDAY, September 26

VLIW Architectures Paolo Ienne, EPFL
Embedded Memory Systems Nigel Topham, Uni Edinburgh

WEDNESDAY, September 27

Memory Architecture Aware Compilation Peter Marwedel, Uni Dortmund
DSP Architectures for Communications Heinrich Meyr, RWTH

THURSDAY, September 28

Retargetable Compilers Rainer Leupers, RWTH
Automatic Processor Specialization Laura Pozzi, Uni Lugano

FRIDAY, September 29

Power Analysis and Low Power Design Enrico Macii, Polit. di Torino
System-Level Power Optimization Luca Benini, Uni Bologna

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