Welcome to the Artist web portal!

If you see any part of the Artist web portal where you feel you could make a contribution (or would like to see something publicized), please send a message to Bruno.Bouyssounouse@imag.fr describing what you would like to add, what the contents would be, who would maintain it, etc...

How to Make Changes to the Artist Web Portal

  • The first thing you will need is a login+password. If you don’t already have one (or if you’ve forgotten your password), simply: request a login+password. Your personal login and password allow you to access and modify the online information through the SPIP back-office interface, which is quite easy to use. No prior knowledge is needed.
  • Next, create a cookie on your computer, by accessing the link here, and logging in.
  • Optional: To make things easier, we recommend that you:
    • Change your password. To do this, when logged in, find your ’Author’ description through here, then click on "Modify this Author"; make the change; press ’save’. Please note that the information in the ’Participants’ section of the web portal is not derived from the information in the ’Authors’ section. Authors only define access rights for the web portal. Participant descriptions are regular articles.
    • Switch to the "complete interface" view, by clicking on the button, and selecting "complete interface".
    • You may also want to switch to your own language, instead of english. To do so, there is a pull-down menu in the upper-right section of the back-end interface.

Modifying Your Articles

  • To modify the web information for your articles, simply:
    • Be sure that you are logged in, to activate the "Modify this Article" button.
    • go to the article
    • click on "Modify this Article", in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.
      This brings you into the back-end, for that particular article.
    • Within the back-end, click on the "Modify this Article" button.
    • Make your changes to the "Text" portion. Until you know more about using the web portal, we recommend that you not touch the other parts of the article.
    • A number of typographical shortcuts are available - click on for a description. There are buttons to help you use them. Simply select the text to be modified, and click on the corresponding button. It’s a good idea to compare the online view and the ’Modify this article’ views to see how it works. It’s really quite simple. (No html knowledge is needed.)
      Simple html commands are also accepted, but it’s recommended to avoid these and stick to the standard formatting methods.
    • Save your changes, by clicking on the "Save" button at the bottom.
    • Click on "View Online", at the top of the left-hand column. This will refresh the page, and display it for you in the public view.
    • IMPORTANT - DO THIS **IMMEDIATELY**: Be sure to fully check your page, and fix errors of ANY kind (typos, broken links, incorrect/incomplete information, formatting errors, etc.
  • If you explore the web site from here, you may need to click on ’Refresh’ in the upper right to get the latest updated online information. A ’refresh’ is needed whenever there is an asterisk on the ’refresh this page’ button. To go back to editing an article, click on ’Modify this article’, which brings you back to the back-office interface.

Hierachical Structure of the Web Portal

Information is structured by ’Articles’, which are generally one web page. A group of articles, such as for an Artist event, is described by several web pages in a ’section’, covering for example, the Call for Papers, Organisation, Programme, etc.

The Technical Coordinator can grant write access to any registered author (having a login+password) to any section in the portal.

Adding a Logo

To add a logo for an event overall, in the backend go to the corresponding section that contains the event. The position of the current article in the hierarchy is given in cascade form just under the gray bar (above the left column). Jump to the section by clicking on the name of your event at the bootom of the hierarchy.

Expand the logo interface by clicking on the black triangle next to "SECTION’S LOGO", browse to find your image file then upload it.

Adding a Banner

Once a logo has been uploaded for the event, you can also define a banner for it. The banner appears in the title bar for all tabs in the event (once they have been refreshed). Ideally this is a horizontally-repeating image with a height of 50 pixels.

To add a banner, simply load the image into the ’hovering logo’ for the section, in the back-end.

Adding New Authors for the Artist Web Portal

If persons other than yourself need to modify your articles, we would prefer to create an individual ’Author’ for each of them.
To create a new Author, send an email here, containing:
- full name,
- their home page (or of their company/institution),
- email address
- sections of the web they wish to be able to modify (provide the URL)

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