Research and Integration

ARTIST2 Research and Integration Activities

Real Time Components see details

cluster leader: Albert Benveniste (INRIA)
Development of UML for Real-time Embedded Systems read more Cluster Integration François Terrier (CEA)
Component Modelling and Verification read more Platform Susanne Graf (VERIMAG)

Adaptive Real Time see details

cluster leader: Giorgio Buttazzo (Scuola Sant’Anna)
QoS aware Components read more NoE Integration Alejandro Alonso (UP Madrid)
Flexible Resource Management for Real-time Systems read more Cluster Integration Gerhard Fohler (University of Kaiserslautern)
Real-Time Languages read more Cluster Integration Alan Burns (York University)
A Common Infrastructure for Adaptive Real-Time Systems read more Platform Giorgio Buttazzo (Scuola Sant’Anna)

Compilers and Timing Analysis see details

cluster leader: Reinhard Wilhelm (Saarland University)
Platform-based Code Optimization and Verification Platform read more Cluster Integration Reinhard Wilhelm (Saarland University)
Timing Analysis Platform read more Platform Reinhard Wilhelm (Saarland University)

Execution Platforms see details

cluster leader: Lothar Thiele (ETHZ)
Resource-aware Design read more NoE Integration Luca Benini (University of Bologna)
Communication-centric Systems read more Cluster Integration Rolf Ernst (TU Braunschweig)
Design for Low Power read more Cluster Integration Luca Benini (University of Bologna)
System Modelling Infrastructure read more Platform Jan Madsen (TU Denmark)

Control for Embedded Systems see details

cluster leader: Karl-Erik Arzen (Lund University)
Adaptive Real-time, HRT and Control read more NoE Integration Karl-Erik Arzen(lund University)
Control in Real-time Computing read more Cluster Integration Karl-Erik Arzen (Lund University)
Real-Time Techniques in Control System Implementations read more Cluster Integration Alfons Crespo (UP Valencia)
Design Tools for Embedded Control read more Platform Martin Torngren (UP Valencia)

Testing and Verification see details

cluster leader: Kim Larsen (Aalborg University)
Quantitative Testing and Verification read more NoE Integration Ed Brinksma (University of Twente)
Verification of Security Properties read more Cluster Integration Sandro Etalle (University of Twente)
Testing and Verification Platform for Embedded Systems read more Platform Kim Larsen (Aalborg University)]

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