Software Synthesis, Code Generation and Timing Analysis

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Affiliated SME Partners

ACE - Associated Computer Experts
Joseph van Vlijmen

Role within the ArtistDesign European Network of Excellence
Participates in Software Synthesis, Code Generation and Timing Analysis
Design and construction of extensions to CoSy required for ArtistDesign projects.

Company or Institution

Research interests

  • The development and exploitation of compilation techniques and development systems in the wider contexts of SoC and EDA supported by descriptions of the system including application and target architectures. Particular interests include MPSoC and highly parallel system.

Role in leading conferences/journals/etc in the area

  • Programme Committees of SCOPES and DATE.

Notable past projects

    These projects, particularly COMPARE, were precursors for CoSy. PREPARE focused on retargetable compilation for Fortran 90 and High Performance Fortran using massively parallel MIMD machines.
  • MESA/NEVA (ongoing):
    Framework IPs addressing the challenges of designing and constructing multi-processor systems.
    Further Information Principal architect of the CoSy. Previously, architect of ACE’s shared memory heterogeneous multiprocessor UNIX OS.

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