Tool Overview

The Aida toolset [Redell et al., 2004] is an environment for model-based design and analysis of real-time control systems. The most important feature of Aida is that it allows a user to take implementation effects into consideration when analyzing the performance of an automatic control system. Considered implementation effects include delays and time variations in the execution and scheduling of control
functions and communication of data. The toolset also supports timing analysis of the real-time design such that an implemented solution can be shown to be schedulable and meet its timing constraints.
The toolset consists of a modelling environment, Aidasign, which interfaces with MATLAB/Simulink [The Mathworks, 2005], and a response time analysis tool,
Aidalyze. In the toolset, a controller is designed using MATLAB/Simulink, which is an environment familiar to control engineers that supports simulation based analysis of control performance. The real-time system design starts with the translation of the Simulink model to a data-flow diagram (DFD) in Aidasign. The timing aspects of the controller, such as sampling periods and delays then constitute requirements on the
real-time system design. The functions and communication flows specified in the data-flow diagram form the basis for all further modelling in Aida. Apart from being generated from Simulink models, data-flow diagrams can be specified completely or in parts within Aida.

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