HSCC ’05 - Hybrid Systems: Computation and Control

March 9-11, 2005       Zurich, Switzerland sponsored by Artist 

Accepted Papers

List of accepted papers

  • Reachability of Uncertain Linear Systems using Zonotopes
    Antoine Girard

  • Adjoint-based Optimal Control of the Expected Exit Time for Stochastic Hybrid Systems
    Robin L. Raffard, Jianghai Hu, Claire J. Tomlin

  • A Homology Theory for Hybrid Systems: Hybrid Homology
    Aaron D. Ames and Shankar Sastry

  • An Ontology-Based Approach to Heterogeneous Verification of Embedded Control Systems
    Rajesh Kumar, Bruce Krogh, Peter Feiler

  • A Toolbox of Hamilton-Jacobi Solvers for Analysis of Nondeterministic Continuous and Hybrid Systems
    Ian M. Mitchell and Jeremy A. Templeton

  • Bisimulation for Communicating Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes (CPDPs)
    Stefan Strubbe, Arjan van der Schaft

  • Bisimulation for General Stochastic Hybrid
    Manuela L. Bujorianu, John Lygeros, Marius C. Bujorianu

  • Comparison of four procedures for the identification of hybrid systems
    A. Juloski, M. Heemels, G, Ferrari-Trecate, R. Vidal, S.Paoletti, H. Niessen

  • Direct Torque Control for Induction Motor Drives: A Model Predictive Control Approach based on Feasibility
    Tobias Geyer and Georgios Papafotiou

  • Safety Verification of Hybrid Systems by Constraint Propagation Based Abstraction Refinement
    Stefan Ratschan and Zhikun She

  • On the stabilisation of switching electrical power converters
    Jean Buisson, Pierre-Yves Richard, Hervé Cormerais

  • Modeling and Control of Networked Control System with Random Delays
    Yan Wang, Zeng Qi Sun, Fu Chun Sun

  • On Transfinite Hybrid Automata
    Katsunori Nakamura, Akira Fusaoka

  • Taylor Approximation for Hybrid Systems
    Ruggero Lanotte and Simone Tini

  • Design of Optimal Autonomous Switching Circuits to Suppress Mechanical Vibration
    Dominik Niederberger

  • Polynomial Stochastic Hybrid Systems
    Joao Pedro Hespanha

  • Controllability Implies Stabilizability for Discrete-time Switched Linear Systems
    Guangming Xie, Long Wang

  • Learning Multi-Modal Control Programs
    Tejas R. Mehta, and Magnus Egerstedt

  • Position and Force Control of Nonsmooth Lagrangian Dynamical Systems without Friction
    Sophie Chareyron and Pierre-Brice Wieber

  • Generating Polynomial Invariants for Hybrid Systems
    Enric Rodriguez-Carbonell and Ashish Tiwari

  • A Closed-Form Solution to the Identification of Hybrid ARX Models via the Identification ofAlgebraic Varieties
    Yi Ma and Rene Vidal

  • Computational Challenges of Controlled Hybrid System Safety Verification
    Sonja Glavaski, Antonis Papachristodoulou, and Kartik Ariyur

  • Mode-Automata based Methodology for Scade
    Ouassila Labbani, Jean-Luc Dekeyser and Pierre Boulet

  • The Discrete Time Behavior of Lazy Linear Hybrid Automata
    Manindra Agrawal and P.S. Thiagarajan

  • Sensor/actuator abstractions for symbolic embedded control design
    Paulo Tabuada

  • Existence of Cascade Discrete-Continuous State Estimators for Systems on a Partial Order
    D. Del Vecchio and R.M. Murray

  • Qualitative Analysis and Verification of Hybrid Models of Genetic Regulatory Networks: Nutritional Stress Response in Escherichia coli
    Grégory Batt, Delphine Ropers, Hidde de Jong, Johannes Geiselmann, Michel Page, and Dominique Schneider

  • Infinity Norms as Lyapunov functions for Model Predictive Control of Constrained PWA Systems
    M. Lazar, W.P.M.H. Heemels, S. Weiland, A. Bemporad, O. Pastravanu

  • Optimal Control of Discrete Hybrid Stochastic Automata
    A. Bemporad and S. Di Cairano

  • Air-Traffic Control in Approach Sectors: simulation examples and optimisation
    A. Lecchini, W. Glover, J. Lygeros, J. Maciejowski

  • Controller synthesis on non–uniform and uncertain discrete–time domains
    Andrea Balluchi, Pierpaolo Murrieri, and Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli

  • Hybrid Decentralized Control of Large Scale Systems
    Francesco Borrelli, Tamas Keviczky, Gary J. Balas, Greg Stewart, Kingsley Fregene, Datta Godbole

  • Refining Abstractions of Hybrid Systems Using Counterexample Fragments
    Ansgar Fehnker, Edmund Clarke, Sumit Jha, Bruce Krogh

  • Primal-Dual Tests for Safety and Reachability
    Stephen Prajna and Anders Rantzer

  • PHAVer: Algorithmic Verification of Hybrid Systems past HyTech
    Goran Frehse

  • Interchange Formats for Hybrid Systems: Review and Proposal
    Alessandro Pinto, Alberto L. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli, Roberto Passerone and Luca P. Carloni

  • Observability of Switched Linear Systems in Continuous Time
    Mohamed Babaali and George J. Pappas

  • Non-Uniqueness in Reverse Time of Hybrid System Trajectories
    I.A. Hiskens

  • Modeling, Optimization and Computation for Software Verification
    Mardavij Roozbehani Eric Feron Alexandre Megretski

  • Perturbed Timed Automata
    R. Alur, S. La Torre, P. Madhusudan

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