Year3 Review

Artist2 Year3 Deliverables

WP0 JPMA: Joint Programme of Management Activities

UJF/VERIMAG Description of Work
(Sept 1st 2007 to Sept 30th 2008 : 13 months)
CDC D1-Mgt-Y3 Year 3 Project Management Report
UJF/VERIMAG D2-Mgt-Y3 Year 3 Project Activity Report
chapter 1 Executive Summary and Overview
chapter 2 Real Time Components RTC
chapter 3 Adaptive Real Time ART
chapter 4 Compilers&Timing Analysis Compilers&TA
chapter 5 ExecPlatforms Execution Platforms
chapter 6 Control for ES Control
chapter 7 Testing&Verification Test&Verif

WP1 JPIA: Joint Programme of Integration Activities

UJF/ VERIMAG D4-RTC-Y3 Component Modelling and Verification (Platform) RTC
Scuola Sant’Anna D7-ART-Y3 A common infrastructure for adaptive Real-time Systems (Platform) ART
Saarland D12-CTA-Y3 Timing - Analysis (Platform) Compilers&TA
Aachen D13-CTA-Y3 Compilers (Platform) Compilers&TA
DTU D14-EP-Y3 System modelling infrastructure (Platform) ExecPlatf
KTH D18-Control-Y3 Design Tools for Embedded Control (Platform) Control
Aalborg D22-TV-Y3 Testing and Verification Platform for Embedded Systems (Platform) Test&Verif

WP2 JPASE: Spreading Excellence

UJF/ VERIMAG D3-Mgt-Y3 Report on Spreading Excellence Global

WP3 JPRA : NoE Integration - Research Activities

UP Madrid D8-ART-Y3 QoS aware Components (NoE Integration) ART
Dortmund D15-EP-Y3 Resource-aware Design (NoE Integration) ExecPlatf
Lund D19-Control-Y3 Adaptive Real-time, HRT and Control (NoE Integration) Control
Twente D23-TV-Y3 Quantitative Testing and Verification (NoE Integration) Test&Verif

Please note that workpackages WP5-WP10 concern only Cluster integration (not NoE Integration), and do not include the Platforms (which are in WP1).
Workpackage 4 (Modelling and Components) was halted at the end of Year 1

WP5 JPRA: Real-Time Components

CEA D5-RTC-Y3 Development of UML for Real-time Embedded Systems (Cluster Integration) RTC
Uppsala D6-RTC-Y3 Component-based Design of Heterogeneous Systems (Cluster Integration) RTC

WP6 JPRA: Adaptive Real-time

Kaiserslautern D9-ART-Y3 Flexible Resource Management (Cluster Integration) ART
York D10-ART-Y3 Real-Time Languages (Cluster Integration) ART
Porto D11-ART-Y3 Dynamic and Pervasive Networking (Cluster Integration) ART

Please note that the only activity in WP7 was merged into the the Timing Analysis Platform at the end of Year2.

WP8 JPRA: Execution Platforms

TUBS D16-EP-Y3 Communication-centric Systems (Cluster Integration) ExecPlatf
Linkoping D17-EP-Y3 Design for Low Power (Cluster Integration) ExecPlatf

WP9 JPRA: Control for Embedded Systems

Lund D20-Control-Y3 Control in real-time computing (Cluster Integration) Control
UPVLC D21-Control-Y3 Real-time techniques in control system implementations (Cluster Integration) Control

WP10 JPRA: Testing and Verification

Twente D24-TV-Y3 Verification of Security Properties (Cluster Integration) Test&Verif

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