To meet the research goals of the cluster, the following research trends within the scope of the RTC cluster have emerged as being of particular importance:
  • Developing a proposal for a UML-based profile, which defines model constructs for modelling and analysising of real-time and embedded systems. Special focus is put on representing resources, timing, RT/E qualities of service, communication modes, execution modes, component model.
  • Integrating tool support for different development activities, including at least tools to model systems, and to analyse and predict system properties.
  • Specifying and determining extra-functional properties of components and component-based systems, in particular timing, performance, QoS, memory, power and other resource consumption. Particular problems include capturing the dependency on the characteristics of the underlying platform in a modular way, and specifying many different extra-functional properties simultaneously in a both modular and consistent manner.
  • Handling heterogeneous system descriptions combining in a mathematical sound way the above functional and extra-functional properties as well as system design aspects produced by different teams at different stages of systems development. This is essential in allowing for a seamless transmission of the different design aspects (safety analysis, functional design, architecture dimensioning for performance, etc) between the different teams.

An emerging research is the field of mobile embedded systems in new domains like pervasive computing but also in traditional domains like automation and process control. The time has come to integrate existing knowledge in the field of real-time systems, real-time systems, dependable systems, modelling and component design into the paradigm of mobile embedded systems. ARTIST2 will consider this trend in the activity on Seeding new Research Directions.

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