Matlab-Simulink has established itself as the de-facto standard for highly engineering-oriented embedded systems industries, such as automobile and aeronautics. Matlab provides high quality support for domain specific and control engineering as well as scientific engineering in general and visualization. Simulink itself, with its add-on Stateflow, provides an integrated description and simulation environment for hybrid systems, both dataflow and state based.

ARTIST2 partners are the founders of synchronous languages, such as Esterel, Lustre, and Signal, which are widely used in the aeronautics/avionics industries. These languages are semantically close to Matlab/Simulink. ARTIST2 partners have developed a semantic framework for graphical notations such as those found in Simulink/Stateflow, and have improved on code generation, formal validation, and architecture generation for Matlab/Simulink.

ARTIST2 research activities – and specifically through the “Real-Time Components” cluster - will aim to develop results for distributed architecture generation, from Matlab/Simulink specifications. While not contributing directly to a “standard” in the usual sense, this work could provide the basis for improving the existing technology, or even for developing an independent European technology to replace Matlab/Simulink.

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