Organizers Albert Benveniste, Paul Caspi, Lothar Thiele

Date 16-17 November 2006

Venue ETHZ, Zurich - Switzerland

Main Objectives
  • It has been recognised for long that the embedded systems domain is a multidisciplinary one which raises problems of communication and cooperation between several disciplines: software and hardware primarily but also computer science and engineering, real-time and distributed systems, telecommunication, control and signal processing etc. Each of these worlds have their own notion of such basic concepts as computation and communication which makes it difficult for designers to cooperate and achieve correct and efficient designs.

  • Though this question can be addressed at different levels, for instance through co-simulation, interfaces, translators ensuring design flow continuity between design tools at different levels, etc., it seems to us that the conceptual level of formal models should not be neglected: any progress in identifying commonalities and differences between the conceptual models of the above mentioned disciplines can help in improving the knowledge of the embedded systems domain as well as improving the available equipment of practitioners.

  • The object of the proposed workshop is therefore to gather recognised specialists of the different disciplines in order to attempt to get a panorama of the models used by each discipline, their commonalities and differences, and the several attempts that have already been proposed in order to merge these concepts within some unified view.

Expected Participants
- Albert Benveniste
- Manfred Broy
- Benoît Caillaud
- Paul Caspi
- Joachim Falk
- Thierry Gautier
- Marc Geilen
- Sébastien Gérard
- Alain Girault
- Michael González-Harbour
- Tom Henzinger
- Axel Jantsch
- Bengt Jonsson
- Christoph Kirsch
- Edward Lee
- Johan Lilius
- Florence Maraninchi
- Michael Mendler
- Marius Minea
- Lionel Morel
- Joseph Sifakis
- Bart Theelen
- Lothar Thiele
- Stavros Tripakis
- Eugenio Villar

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