Organizer Alejandro Alonso

Date 14 June 2006

Venue CEA/Saclay (Paris)

Main Objectives The objectives of the workshop are to present, discuss and integrate the approaches from the interested partners in the area of QoS-aware components. In particular, some of the relevant topics includes (but not limited to):
  • QoS support in components frameworks
  • Description of QoS characteristics based on UML
  • QoS contract models
  • Integration of different real-time QoS porperties on the different phases of the development

The expected outputs of the meeting includes:
  • Dissemination of the latest achievements from the research groups with respect QoS-Aware compoenents
  • Discussion and comparison of the different approaches
  • Evaluation, planning and consolidation of the integration activities

Expected Participants All members and affiliates of the ARTIST2 involved in the "QoS-aware components" activity and interested members, speacially from the "Adaptive Real Time Cluster" and "Real-Time Components" clusters.

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