2nd Int’l ARTIST Workshop on Control for Embedded Systems

May 31st - June 1st 2007       U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (USA) organised and funded by ARTIST 



- Tarek Abdelzaher, UIUC
- Lui Sha, UIUC
- Dan Henriksson, UIUC/Lund University
- Karl-Erik Årzén, Lund University
- Anton Cervin, Lund University
- Karl Henrik Johansson, KTH/Caltech
- Bruce Krogh, CMU
- Geir E Dullerud, UIUC
- Cedric Langbort, UIUC
- Michael Lemmon, Univ Notre Dame
- P.R. Kumar, UIUC
- Alfons Crespo, UP Valencia
- Pedro Albertos, UP Valencia
- Jie Liu, MSR
- Marco Caccamo, UIUC
- Chenyang Lu, Washington University
- Mikael Johansson, KTH
- Ying Zhang, PARC

In addition a number of graduate and PhD students from UIUC participated in the meeting.

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