Mapping Applications to MPSoCs 2010

June 29-30, 2010      St. Goar, Germany organised and funded by ARTIST 


Workshop structure

Short presentations followed by intensive discussions. No proceedings. Slides will be available at this web site. Information about the 1st workshop is available via the following URL: Similarily for the 2nd workshop.


The workshop will be preceeded by the SCOPES-2010 workshop.
The timing of the workshops will be such that attendees can travel to the venue of the workshop during the morning of June 28th, attend SCOPES, then attend this workshop and then can return home on the afternoon of June 30th.

Informal evening

In order to stimulate discussions, there will a social event: a tour on the river Rhine, including a view onto the famous Loreley rock (according to old stories, a beautiful lady sitting at this rock distracted a captain so much that his ship hit a rock in the river and sank).

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