Rolf Ernst is a professor of electrical engineering at the Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, where he heads the Institute of Computer and Communication Network Engineering.
Technical Areas
Formal performance verification of complex heterogeneous embedded systems in the automotive domain

Creation of a unified global timing model for the open standard for automotive E/E architectures.

Technical Gains
  • Easy and reliable integration of functional components from multiple suppliers
  • Fast verification of timing requirements of the overall heterogeneous system
  • Early architecture exploration

Artist Teams
Prof. Ernst (IDA, University Braunschweig)
Role: SymTAVision, an associate partner of IDA, participated in behalf of Ford in the development of the AUTOSAR Timing model. Main contribution was the application of the expertise in system-level timing analysis of Prof. Ernst’s working group for the systematic integration of highly specialized requirements to the timing model on different levels of abstraction into the resulting global timing model.

Non-Artist Teams

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