UPM has been involved in the development of this standard and has
been the chair of this standard at the OMG
Expected next major release date
Revision Task Force. December 2006

Technical area(s) which it addresses
Adaptive Real-Time
Modelling and Components

Short description of the standard
UML extensions for the description and analysis of Quality of Service properties in software architectures and specially the safety analysis and the application of fault tolerance solutions.

Technical gains
This standard proposes UML extensions for the description of extra-functional properties associates to services in general. UML do no includes notations to model quality properties of software in general, these properties have been integrated traditionally as informal natural language notes. The extensions propose solutions for the description of the QoS and FT concepts and integrates the notation with the general specification of UML 2. It includes some solutions for the description of Risk assessment analysis and for the description of fault tolerant based software solutions.

Previous revisions/versions on which it is based
Draft of Adopted submission: June 2004, Final adopted submission September 2004. June 2005 Final Task Force.

Name of the relevant standardisation body
OMG (Object Management Group)

Main leader or contact person within this standardisation body, and his/her role
Miguel A. de Miguel

Industrial domains impacted
UML Modelling tools vendors, and specially the real-time oriented modelling tools
Model-based real-time software development in general.

Industrial gains
This standard provides solutions to integrate QoS and fault-tolerance concepts in UML models. They are notations to standardize the application of these technologies in UML. Tool vendors provide support of this UML profile.

Name of the your team
Technical University of Madrid

Responsibilities in the standard definition
Chairs of this standard. Definition of QoS extensions. Redaction of standard proposal.

Main other ARTIST participants
CEA, Thales: Submitters

Main other non-ARTIST participants
Submitters: IBM, Ilogix-Inc., Open-IT, ARTISAN, Lockheed Martin, SINTEF, Softeam

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