This OMG standard addresses a technology neutral part of MOF and pertains to: Queries on models, Views on metamodels and Transformations of models.
It aims to define a language with an unambiguous semantic to express those queries, views and transformations on models.
Expected next major release date

Technical gains
This standard will ease writing of the transformations that are needed in order to implement MDD (Model Driven Development), MDE (Model Driven Engineering) or MDA (Model Driven Architecture) approaches.

Previous revisions/versions on which it is based

Name of the Relevant Standardisation Body
OMG (Object Management Group)

Main leader or contact person within this standardisation body, and his/her role
Mariano Belaunde (France Telecom): chairman for the QVT workgroup.

Industrial Domains Impacted
All the domains that use a MDD, MDE, MDA approaches should benefit from using a standard language to express their transformations.

Industrial Gains
It brings interoperability between the various implementation of transformations and Tool-independence. Thus, the industry will be able to capitalize on reusable transformations.

Name of the Contact in your Team
Didier Vojtisek

Responsibilities in the Standard Definition
Our team was involved from the beginning of the process and we were coauthor of one the first submission. Since then, we actively follow this standard in order to produce the final submission.
We also provided various collaboration tools in order to help the standardisation process.

Main other ARTIST Participants
THALES: writer of some part of the initial submission
TNI-Valiosys: writer of some part of the initial submission $

Main other non-ARTIST Participants
France Telecom, writer of some part of the initial submission and currently leader for the final revised submission
Many other participants in this submission that are still more or less active in the process now.
DSTC, International Business Machines, Compuware Corporation, Sun Microsystems, Codagen Technologies Corporation, Softeam, TCS, Kennedy Carter, Interactive Objects Software, Alcatel

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