Didier Vojtisek is research engineer at INRIA. He is mainly involved in the development of the compiler and samples of transformations.
Name of the Standard
Executable UML Foundation

Expected Next Major Release Date
The standard should be available for late 2006

Technical Area(s) which it Addresses
I mainly addresses the "Modelling and Components" cluster and probably will also be useful in "Testing and Verification" and "Execution Platforms" clusters.

Short Description of the Standard
The objective of this standard is to enable a chain of tools that support the construction, verification, translation, and execution of computationally complete executable models. For the tool chain to link together, the interchanged models must conform to the same meta-model and semantics.
This standard will define a computationally complete and compact subset of UML 2.0 to be known as "Executable UML Foundation"

Technical Gains
By pointing out all the variation points that are in UML2.0, this standard will help specifying and testing models at the various phases of a development process

Previous Revisions/versions on which it is based

Name of the Relevant Standardisation Body
OMG (Object Management Group)

Main Leader or Contact Person within this Standardisation Body, and his/her role
no main leader defined yet for this workgroup

Industrial Domains Impacted
Industrial domains that use executable models that are expressed or that can be translated into this new Executable UML standard will benefit from it.
In particular the domains that already use UML2.0 to specify their models.

Industrial Gains
This standard will enable the collaboration between tools that usually cannot communicate with each other. The end user will be able to build a complete model driven engineering process.

Name of the ARTIST2 team
Didier Vojtisek - INRIA

Responsibilities in the Standard Definition
Our team will collaborate to define the standard and implement a prototype.

Main other ARTIST Participants
CEA is one of the main participant who have insisted to define this standard

Main other non-ARTIST Participants
As this is the very early phases of the standard (no submission yet) we can only cite the participants we are aware of:
Alcatel, CARE Technologies S.A./SOSY Inc., Data Access, France Telecom, I-Logix, Kennedy Carter, Lockheed Martin, Mentor Graphics Corporation, Pathfinder Solutions, Softeam, Telelogic AB

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