Affiliated Partners - Operating Systems and Networks

Professor Alfons Crespo

Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Technical role(s) within ArtistDesign

  • Real-time control on embedded platforms

Research interests

  • Virtualisation, hypervisor, real-time operating system, dynamic memory management

Role in leading conferences/journals/etc in the area

  • Program Committee member
  • Reviewer

Notable past projects

  • ARTIST2: Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design. U.E. IST Programme - IST 004527. 2004-08
  • FRESCOR: Framework for Real-time Embedded Systems based on COntRacts
  • FRESCOR. U.E. IST Programme - IST 034026. 2006-2009
  • THREAD: Integral support for embedded, distributed open real-time systems
  • Spanish Ministry of Education, Science and Technology - TIC2005-08665-C03. 2005-2008
  • SENSE: Smart Embedded Network of Sensing Entities. U.E. IST Programme - IST 033279. 2006-2009
  • TECOM: Trusted Embedded Computing. Programme ITEA-2 and PROFIT (M. Industria, Spanish Governement). 2007-2010
  • OCERA: Open Components for Embedded Real-Time Applications. U.E. IST Programme (IST 35102). 2002-05

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