Affiliated Partners - Operating Systems and Networks

Dr. Paolo Gai (Ph.D.)







Evidence srl (Italy) pj/


Technical role(s) within ArtistDesign

  • Support for the SHaRK kernel maintenance, consulting on POSIX and OSEK standards, real-time kernels, design and analysis tools.

Research interests

  • Real-time scheduling, operating systems, design and analysis tools.

Notable past projects

  • FIRST: Flexible Integrated Real-time Systems Technology, IST-2001-32467 (2002-2005) investigated advanced scheduling for handling applications with various real-time requirements.
  • OCERA: Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications, IST-2001-35102 (2002-2005) integrated advanced real-time mechanisms in open-source kernels.
  • ARTIST: Advanced Real-Time Systems.

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