WESE 2011

October 13th, 2011      Taipei (Taiwan), within ESWeek 2011 organised and funded by ARTIST 


Oct. 13th
8:30 am Peter Marwedel (TU Dortmund, Germany) Opening
8:40 am Keynote: Tien-Fu Chen (National Chiao Tung University Chair, 4C Electronics (4C) Education Consortium, Intelligent Electronics (IE) Education Program, Ministry of Education, Taiwan) Embedded System Education in Taiwan: Past and Future
9:30 am Break
10:00 am Bastian Haetzer, Gert Schley, Rauf Salimi Khaligh, Martin Radetzki (Univ. Stuttgart, Germany) Practical Embedded Systems Engineering
Syllabus for Graduate Students with Multidisciplinary Backgrounds
10:30 am Peter Marwedel, Michael Engel (TU Dortmund, Germany) Embedded System Design 2.0: Rationale Behind a Textbook Revision
11:00 am Steffen Jaschke, Sigrid Schubert, André Schäfer, Rainer Brück (Univ. Siegen, Germany), Bruno Kleinert. Harald Schmidt, Dietmar Fey (Univ. Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) Competence Research: Teaching Embedded Micro/Nano Systems
11:30 am Discussion How should embedded system curricula be updated to reflect Systems Engineering?
12:00 am Lunch
1:00 pm Pangfeng Liu (NTU, Taipei, Taiwan), Greg C. Lee (NTNU, Taipei, Taiwan), Jenq-Kuen Lee and Cheng-Yen Lin (NTHU, Hsinchu, Taiwan) Innovative System and Application Curriculum on Multicore Systems
1:30 pm Jogesh Muppala (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong) Teaching Embedded Software Concepts Using Android
2:00 pm Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, William Plishker, Chung-Ching Shen, Ayush Gupta (Univ. of Maryland, USA) Teaching Cross-Platform Design and Testing Methods for Embedded Systems using DICE
2:30 pm Discussion How to teach the design of embedded multi-core software?
3:00 pm Akash Kumar (NUS, Singapore), Shakith Fernando (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands), Manmohan Manoharan (NUS, Singapore) Bringing Soccer to the Field of Real-Time Embedded Systems Education
3:30 pm Break
4:00 pm Discussion What have we learned today?
4:30 pm Close

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