SPEEDS is a concerted effort to define the new generation of end-to-end methodologies, processes and supporting tools for safety-critical embedded system design. They will enable European systems industry to evolve from model-based design of hardware/software systems, towards integrated component based construction of complete virtual system models.

The technical pillars of the SPEEDS approach are:

A semantics-based modeling method to:
  • support the construction of complex embedded systems by composing heterogeneous subsystems
  • enable sound integration of new and existing tools

This modeling approach defines ‚rich-component’ models to represent both functional and non-functional aspects so that efficient implementations can be derived from abstract models

Novel formal analysis tools and techniques to assess precisely properties of the system that will allow to explore architectural alternatives of implementation platforms and enable correct-by-construction designs. Compositionality and abstractions will make this approach scalable for large systems.

Controlled sypeculative design is a new tool-supported process which minmizes the risk of concurrent design activities by establishing formal „contracts“ between inter- and intra-company design groups.
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