At the Faculties of Engineering, Science and Medicine, Center for Embedded Software Systems (CISS) several positions as Ph.D. fellow (positions no. 562/06-08-28072) are open for appointment from 01.08.2008.

The stipends are funded by special grants from The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and The Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation.

Research in CISS is conducted in cooperation with a number of industrial partners as well as related international research institutions in the area. Research areas include: model based test and verification, timed automata, scheduling, network analysis, control systems as well as safety critical systems and reliability modelling. Candidates are sought within the subject area of real-time, hybrid and embedded systems with special focus on the following aspects:
  • Testing and verification with tool implementation in the context of the UPPAAl tool suite and Simulink.
  • Dependability and predictability of embedded systems.
  • Development of formal component-based methodology.
  • Controller synthesis from (timed) game automata.

CISS ( is a research centre, which aims to strengthen the knowledge transfer between Aalborg University and the Danish industry. CISS was established in 2002 and since then, it has received a substantial amount of funding from public authorities and companies. CISS is core partner and cluster leader in Artist2 and ArtistDesign.

The deadline for applicants is June 30, 2008. After this date, interested candidates are still welcome to submit their interest (including a CV) to one of the contact persons mentioned in the full description.
This announcement is accessible through the Artist portal's homepage until August 1st, 2008.
Beyond that date, it remains accessible through here.

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