DaNES (Danish Network for Intelligent Embedded Systems) is a major project sponsored by the High Technology Fund of Denmark, which is executed by a consortium of leading Danish research groups (CISS/AAU, IMM/DTU, MCI/SDU) and industrial companies (http://www.danes.aau.dk). We are looking for a post-doctorate expert engineer to work on the development and integration of embedded software design and analysis tools on an Eclipse-based platform.

The new engineer will join a research team consisting of experts from the Software Engineering Group of the Mads Clausen Institute for Product Innovation (MCI), University of Southern Denmark (http://seg.mci.sdu.dk) and the industrial company PAJ Systemteknik, Soenderborg, Denmark (http://www.paj.dk). The team is developing an Eclipse-based toolchain supporting the industrial application of the COMDES framework, which will be validated in a safety-critical application developed by PAJ Systemteknik.

COMDES is a component-based framework for distributed embedded systems, which combines open system architecture featuring reconfigurable components (actors and function blocks), transparent signal-based communication between components, and predictable behaviour resulting from the adopted timed multitasking model of computation.

The role of the post-doctorate will be to continue the development and integration of Eclipse-based tools for specification, analysis and configuration of COMDES-based applications, with the ultimate goal to develop an industrial version of the framework and its tool-chain.

The position provides an opportunity to join a young and ambitious research group and engage in the investigation and development of advanced component-based design methods for embedded applications and related software technology, in collaboration with an important academic and industrial consortium.

Preference will be given to candidates with background, doctorate study and experience in embedded software design and analysis, and in particular – component-based design and model-driven engineering of embedded applications.

The selected post-doctorate candidate will be appointed as expert engineer starting spring 2008 for a period of 3 years. For more information about the research project, please contact Prof. Christo Angelov (angelov@mci.sdu.dk). Information about PAJ Systemteknik can be obtained from Poul Jessen (pj@paj.dk).

Applications, including CV, publications, references and a brief description of research interests should be sent to Kenneth Hermansen (kjh@paj.dk).
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