Data Flow Optimizations on the PSI-SSA Form


Classic data-flow optimizations in compilers rely on two separate steps: analysis and transformations. Recent research however shows that combining the two into a unified pass is more effective and efficient. The purpose of this research is to extend this unified approach to the compiler code generator optimizations for embedded media processors, by combining: 1. advanced description of machine operators; 2. compiler intermediate representation based on the PSI-SSA form; and 3. semantic description of machine operators. The PSI-SSA form is an extension of the classic Static Single Assignment (SSA) form that is used to represent predicated computations. Implementation of the research results will be based on the Open64 compiler framework and on the STMicroelectronics CLI-JIT compiler [EuroPar’2008]. Target processors for this research are the ST200 VLIW (Lx architecture [ISCA’2000]) processors and the ARM processors.


The candidate must be familiar with the basics of graph theory and of compiler design. Knowledge of code generator optimizations problems is a plus. The candidate should have working knowledge of Unix systems, C|C++ for implementations, Perl|Python|Tcl for scripting.


Work located at STMicroelectronics, Grenoble. Supervision by a professor from the VERIMAG laboratory, Grenoble.


3 years


CIFRE grant: 2050EUR, 2225EUR, 2375EUR gross/month

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