The University of York has opened several salaried research associate positions.


Do you have:
  • a good 1st degree in Computer Science or Electronics
  • an advanced research-related degree (ideally a PhD) or
  • equivalent industrial experience
  • an interest in multicore architectures and FPGAs
  • a good understanding of Java, C and C++
  • some experience in real-time systems and timing analysis

If so, then we would like to hear from you. We have several Research Assistant posts which are coming available in the near future to work on two EU Framework FP7 projects.


  • ICT-eMuCo (Embedded Multi-Core Processing for Mobile Communication Systems) addresses the platform architecture of future mobile devices. This comprises the relevant controller elements as well as the operating system and application layers. It is expected that the computational performance needed by these devices will grow exponentially due to the growing number of features implemented and the advances in the wireless communication standards. The fast growing number of applications and the resulting diversification requires a co-existence of open and protected environments. Virtualization technology will be employed to abstract the applications including potential legacy operating systems from the hardware architecture. This provides the means to separate real-time from non-real-time and secure from open domains.
  • The JEOPARD (Java Environment for Parallel Realtime Development) project will develop a platform independent software development interface for complex multicore systems including SMP. The interface will be based on existing technologies, in particular, it will be based on Java, the Real-Time Specification for Java (JSR 1 and JSR 282) and Safety-Critical Java (JSR 302). These technologies provide a good foundation for the development of complex, safe realtime systems, but they do not provide any particular support for multicore systems. Even worse, some of the used technologies can not use more than one processor at a time, making it impossible to develop applications that scale with the number of processors available on current and even more on future multicore systems. The JEOPARD consortium covers all layers of a multicore embedded system, from the processor architecture via the operating system to the Java virtual machine and the C and Java API layers. The project aims at solving the required issues on each of these layers to provide a powerful interface for the developer at the highest level.


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