Applications are invited for a position as Assistant or Associate Professor in System-on-Chip at the DTU Informatics department (IMM) at the Technical University of Denmark.
The position is available from August 2008 and will be attached to the Computer Science and Engineering Division of the department.

The DTU Informatics Department (IMM)

A principal aim of the research done at IMM is that the results should be of practical use in their specific fields. This is one of the main reasons why IMM is widely regarded as attractive for industrial partners.

IMM plays a central role in the education of graduates in computer science where we offer two bachelor level specialisations – one with a technological orientation, and one which is more analytically oriented – and one master level specialisation.

Some of the main areas of research in computer science and engineering at IMM currently are:

- System-on-Chip comprising modelling, analysis and design of Platform Architectures (including low-power IP cores, Network-on-Chip, asynchronous circuits, re-configurability and co-design),
- Embedded Systems comprising modelling, analysis and development techniques for real-time applications (including fault-tolerance, operating systems, model checking, verification, simulation and system synthesis),
- Systems Security comprising Distributed Systems, Network and System Technology (including privacy and intrusion detection),
- Language-Based Technology comprising modelling techniques (using process calculi, logic formalisms), analysis and validation (including static analysis, model checking) and realisations (including transformations, abstract machines and compiler technology),
- Software Engineering comprising object-oriented design (including development tools), and formal specification languages (including functional and algebraic descriptions),
- Algorithms (including computational statistics, learning algorithms, approximation algorithms, data structures) and logical techniques (including modal logic, higher-order logic, automated reasoning and knowledge representation).

Strong assets for this position

Through this announcement the department wishes to attract faculty whose research falls within System-on-Chip and who can contribute to teaching our introductory as well as advanced courses. Applicants should be able to teach within the following areas:
- Digital circuits and design methodology, e.g. based on FPGA’s
- Computer architecture and computer based systems

Applicants who can contribute to create a synergy between the fields of System-on-Chip and Embedded Systems will be preferred.

Applicants for an Assistant Professorship must have demonstrated international research at the level of a PhD degree or equivalent. The positions are normally held for three years.

Applicants for an Associate Professorship must hold a PhD degree or equivalent in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Moreover they should have demonstrated excellent research at international level in one or more of the areas mentioned above and should document their teaching qualifications at a level obtainable by holding a post as Assistant Professor.

Applicants who can demonstrate their ability to combine deep theoretical knowledge with constructive techniques will be preferred. More specifically, the assessment of the applicants will be based on:

- scientific production and research potential
- the ability to teach, promote and utilize research results
- an all-round experience basis, preferably including international experience
- the ability to contribute to development of the department’s internal and external cooperation

Applications, which should be submitted in English, must include a list of publications. Teaching materials and research publications to be considered in the assessment must be enclosed as well.

The salary and appointment terms are consistent with the current collective agreement for Danish University faculty members.

For further information

Further information can be obtained from the Head of Computer Science and Engineering at DTU Informatics :
  • Associate Professor Flemming Stassen
    Telephone: (+45) 4525 3753

All candidates irrespective of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic affiliation are invited to apply.
  • Applications with enclosures in triplicate must be sent to:
    The Rector
    Technical University of Denmark
    Building 101 A
    DK-2800 Kgs. Lyngby

  • Applications must be received no later than March 3rd, 2008. Electronic applications cannot be accepted.
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