Role within the Artist2 European Network of Excellence
Component-Based Design of Heterogeneous Systems

Company or Institution
Ecole supérieure d'électricité (Supélec), Computer Science Department
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Research work
Our research work is about the modeling of models of computation and of their combination in heterogeneous models, in the context of UML and MDE.

Research interests
- heterogeneous modeling of systems
- meta-modeling and model transformations
- heterogeneous information and ontologies (information search, classification)

We participate to the Usine Logicielle (Software Factory) project of the System@tic competitiveness cluster in both the OpenDevFactory and the MoDriVal sub-projects. We also participate to the EDONA project for the automotive domain that will start soon in the same cluster.

Research group
We formed the THeSys research group with researchers from the CEA LIST.

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