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Design Methodology for Embedded Systems

Company or Institution
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg
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Overall research interests

- Embedded Systems
- Scheduling Theory and Optimization
- Massively Parallel VLSI Architectures

Role in leading conferences/journals/etc in the area

Jürgen Teich has (co-)authored over 250 papers in international conferences and journals, and has edited several books and conference proceedings including DATE’04 and DATE’05. He is a program chair and organizer of several conferences including CODES+ISSS’07 at ESWEEK’07 and FPL’08.

Notable past projects

  • SPI (System Property Intervals) - a project to enable global system analysis and optimized implementation of heterogeneously specified embedded real-time systems on heterogeneous architectures funded by the DFG priority program 1040 on Embedded Systems
  • SystemCoDesigner - a framework for automatic design space exploration and hardware/software synthesis of SystemC designs, see also
  • ESM (Erlangen Slot Machine), DFG priority program 1148 on Reconfigurable Computing, Development of one of the first fully and partially reconfigurable FPGA-based computers, see also


Jürgen Teich has received several best paper awards, e.g., at CASES’02 and FPT’06.

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