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Åbo Akademi University
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Technical role(s) within Artist2
Work on Models of Computation: We have developed a langauge for expressing systems using several models of computation. The language has been implemented as an interpreter and a compiler (for some models of computation). We plan to continue to work on this approach to include support for more models of computations (e.g. synchronous MoC’s), improve the compiler, and to incorporate it into a MDE design flow for embedded systems. We will present our work at the Artist MoCC workshop in Zürich November 16-17th.

Research interests
CREST is a research center that consist of 3 laboratories: Distributed Systems (Prof. Kaisa Sere), Software Construction (Prof. Ralph-Johan Back), and Embedded Systems (Prof. Johan Lilius). The research of the Centre has strongly emphasised Formal Methods, for which it was awarded the status of Centre of Excellence by the Academy of Finland (main basic research funding agency in Finland). Formal methods have and are being applied to different areas, among others asynchronous circuits, fault tolerace, peer-to-peer and sensor networks.

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