Foundations of Component-based Design

September 30th, 2007       Salzburg, Austria - within EmSoft / ES Week organised and funded by ARTIST 


Session 1: Components

Joseph Sifakis Structuring Interaction in BIP
Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli and
Roberto Passerone
Contract-based formalisms for heterogeneous and hybrid systems
Martin Toerngren A Holistic Approach to Model and Component-based Embedded Systems Engineering

Session 2: Embedded Software

Albert Benveniste A Generic Model of Contracts for Embedded Systems
Christoph Kirsch Tiptoe: A Compositional Real-Time Operating System
Ansgar Radermacher Component based middleware for real-time embedded systems

Session 3: Dependability, Predictability, and Reliability

Ed Brinksma TRADER: an industry-as-laboratory experiment in system dependability
Bengt Jonsson GALP: Globally approximate, locally precise timing analysis for predictability
Alain Girault The Length-Reliability Bicriteria Scheduling and Optimization Problem

Session 4: Verification

Kim Larsen Performance Analysis and Synthesis
Dave Parker Model checking of probabilistic systems
Johan Lilius Specification and validation of non-functional constraints

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