ARTIST2 Workshop on Specification and Verification of Secure Embedded Systems

May 18th, 2006       Pisa, Italy organised and funded by ARTIST 

Program & Slides

Workshop Program

Sandro Etalle, Twente University
"The ARTIST2 Project and motivations for the workshop".

Invited talk: Pierpaolo Degano, Computer Science Dept., Pisa University.
"Secure services composition".

Session - Theoretical methodologies for cryptographic protocols.

Veronique Cortier, Loria CNRS.
"When reachability-based secrecy implies equivalence-based secrecy in security protocols".

Catalin Dima, Univ. Paris-12.
"Deducible information flow".

Sergiu Bursuc and Hubert Comon, LSV, ENS Cachan.
"Security modulo equational properties of cryptographic primitives: general methods for automatic proofs".

Session - AVISPA

Invited talk: Luca Vigano, Information Security ETH Zürich.
"The AVISPA project".

Yann Glouche and Thomas Genet, IRISA Rennes and IRISA/Université de Rennes1, Rennes.
"A Security Protocol Animator Tool for AVISPA".

Session - Models and analysis of cryptographic protocols and policies.

Ilaria Matteucci, IIT-CNR, Pisa.
"Enforcing security policies on components".

Steve Kremer, LSV, ENS Cachan.
"Analysing Electronic Voting Protocols in the Applied Pi Calculus".

Ricardo Corin and Sandro Etalle, Twente Univ.
"PS-LTL for the analysis of security protocols".

Judicaël Courant, Verimag.
"Proofs of crypto-processors using theorem proving".

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