NeRES 2007

April 2nd, 2007       Aveiro, Portugal organised and funded by ARTIST 

NeRES 2007 - Networks for Reconfigurable Embedded Systems

The workshop was based on short presentations by the participants that encouraged discussion among the attendees. Papers were not required.


April 2, 2007
The challenges of real-time distributed reconfiguration
Luis Almeida - Univ. Aveiro
Component-Container-Connector Middlewares for dynamic reconfiguration support
Frédéric Loiret - CEA
FRESCOR: contract-based resource management in distributed systems
Daniel Sangorrin - Univ. Cantabria
Real-Time Networks from the Distribution Middleware Perspective
Hector Perez Tijero - Univ. Cantabria
Integrating Real-time Support in Middleware
Marisol Garcia-Valls - Univ. Carlos III Madrid
Server-based scheduling in CAN
Thomas Nolte - Malardalen Univ.
Dynamic Reconfiguration in Dependable Distributed Embedded Systems
Julian Proenza - Univ. Illes Balears
Reconfigurability issues in MANETs
Tullio Facchinetti - Univ. Pavia
Intelligent Network Reconfiguration
Miguel Santos - PT Inovação
Dynamically Self-Configuring Automotive Systems
Magnus Persson - KTH
Dynamic configuration of communications in industrial automation systems
Marga Marcos - Univ. Pays Basco
Reconfigurable Distributed Control, integrating Scheduling Time Delays as Disturbances onto Control Law
Hector Benitez Perez - Univ. Nac. Autonoma de Mexico
Automatic reconfiguration in distributed avionic fuel system control
Jose Maria Giron-Sierra - Univ. Complutense de Madrid

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