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Dr. Marius Minea

Role within the ArtistDesign European Network of Excellence
Participates in Modeling and Validation
Affiliated partner IeAT has expertise in formal verification (model checking), especially for real-time systems, and compositional reasoning including assume-guarantee techniques. Within the cluster, the partner is working on: - abstraction and compositional reasoning techniques for real-time models. Starting from models such as timed automata, the goal is to generate more abstract timed interfaces that can be used to reduce - modeling and performance analysis of embedded systems consisting of tasks with given timing parameters (period, deadline, jitter). Using analysis techniques borrowed from network calculus and timed automata, the challenge is to computer performance characteristics such as availability and response time in a modular fashion starting from individual components.

Company or Institution
Institute e-Austria Timisoara
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Research interests

  • formal verification (model checking)
  • compositional and assume-guarantee reasoning
  • real-time and embedded systems
  • model-based testing
  • verification of security protocols

Notable past projects

Verification of telecommunications code written in SDL
Model-based testing and automated test generation with Rational Test RealTime (with Siemens VDO Automotive)

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