WESE’06 - Embedded Systems Education

October 26th, 2006       Seoul, Korea organised and funded by ARTIST 

WESE 2006 - Program

Education Programs and Embedded Systems Consortia

- Stylianos Mamagkakis (IMEC) :
Research Network for System Level Design of Embedded Systems: Dynamic Memory Allocation Design Flow Case Study
- Kenji Hisazumi (Kyushu University)
QUBE: A Practical Education Program for System LSI Designers
- Tai-Yi Huang (National Tsing Hua University):
An Update on the Embedded Software Consortium of Taiwan

Embedded Systems Courses and Curricula Issues

- Tulika Mitra (National University of Singapore):
Challenges in Designing Embedded Systems Courses
- Kenneth Ricks (University of Alabama):
Addressing Embedded Programming Needs within an ECE Curriculum
- Jogesh K. Muppala (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology):
Bringing Embedded Software Closer to Computer Science Students
- Shiao-Li Tsao (National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan):
The Development and Deployment of Embedded Software Curricula in

Embedded Systems Hardware and Methodologies

- Shekhar Sharad: Methodologies to Bring Embedded Systems to Non-EE Students (not delivered)
- Shanq-Jang Ruan (National Taiwan University of Science and Technology):
Development and Analysis of Power Behavior for Embedded System Laboratory
- Chi-Sheng Shih (National Taiwan University):
Toward HW/SW Integration: Networked Embedded System Design
- Falk Salewski (RWTHAACHEN University):
Hardware Platform Design Decisions in Embedded Systems A Systematic Teaching Approach

Embedded Systems Curricula, Programs and Projects

- Kolin Paul: Experiences of a Summer Workshop in Embedded Systems (not delivered)
- Hans-Gerhard Gross (Delft University of Technology):
The Delft MS Curriculum on Embedded Systems
- Martin Törngren (The Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm):
Experiences from large embedded systems development projects in education, involving industry and research
- Lindsay T. Kane (Microsoft):
The Windows Embedded Academic Program – Retrospective & Directions, 2002-2006
- Masaki Yamamoto (Nagoya University):
An Extension Course for Training Trainers of Embedded Software


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